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24th October 2013
Our fly lake is now full of water and will be stocked on Monday, official opening day is Friday 1st November!

9th September 2013: Hello Anglers,
There has been some talk that Seven Oaks Fishery may be closed for good soon,
let me the owner set those mere rumours straight, we will not close for good but as a lot of you experienced anglers already
know our fly lake is closed for improvements leaving the coarse and novice pond OPEN,the work is as follows:
1. Fixing the leak on the far bank FOR GOOD.
2. the fly lake will be dug at least another 10 FEET deep so that if we do get another scorcher of a summer those fish have a
fighting chance to survive in the cool depths, and finally the coarse fish will be removed and put in the proper lake for coarse
anglers. By the time our fly lake is full of natural spring water again it will be crystal clear and ready to stalk.
Please have patience the work that is carrying forward is for the best interest of the fishery and all those
who wet their lines here. Updates will be on a weekly basis through facebook.

Thank you every body

James Rosier

13th August 2013: Fly Lake Improvement Work
Our fly lake will be closed for the next few weeks while improvements are been done, progress will be updated!

4th June 2013: Koi Farm Closure
We apologise to all our customers but we have decided to close the Koi side of the business.
We will be selling off our display tanks and nexus filter so watch this space for prices!

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